The company Pronig specializes in the manufacture of stainless steel, and with 30 years of experience and continuous investments in new technologies is included among the top companies in the niche.

The company Pronig specializes in processing and production of stainless steel (inox) with 30 years of experience. It currently has 15 employees in 1200 m² covered area of work. Company's products include shipbuilding area, food processing and construction industries. With constant tendency to increase quality and customer satisfaction, company constantly invests in employee education and new technologies.

In order to maintain high standards, company maintains a cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Center for Technology Transfer and Technical school Zadar. Special attention is given to monitoring trends and product development resulting in higher product quality and reduced production time. The power of company PRONIG is in its employees with many years of work experience, and 30 years of work in the field of stainless steel.

Due to many years of work and experience of all employees, the company is extremely flexible in developing new products. Each manufactured part is originally developed by engineers, followed by the manufacturing process and ultimately reviewed and approved by them. Due to this kind of planning and preparation, high quality products are achieved, scrap is reduced to a minimum, and the possibility of errors is reduced.